2020 Grind, Growth and Goals

2020 is around the corner. New Year, New Decade, New Everything. Are you starting over? Are you continuing to grow? Are you setting goals? The time is now. If you have not started your New Year list of goals yet, it is time! This is no ordinary New Year this is the beginning of a […]

How Mexico Made Me a Better Person and Photographer

July seems like a lifetime ago compared to the whirlwind of the last 4 months of my busy beautiful life. Changing job paths in September, growing and enjoying a small business and being a wife and mother are only a few of my daily tasks since I landed back to reality only a few short […]

Adding Value to your Self Worth

Remember when you were playing on the play ground in elementary school and one of your classmates said something mean to you. Remember the very first time you had your feelings hurt by a friend. The first time your crush was not that into you, your first break up. The first time someone you trusted, […]